What is a TBM?

What, Exactly, Is a Tablet Based Menu (TBM) System


Bent Oak Tablets is a product division of Your Marketing Works! We are a group of friendly, hard-working and focused individuals, focused on delivering a truly unique product to restaurant owner / operators. Most of us are located in and around Sylvania, Ohio, which is a suburb of Toledo.

Just Getting Started (and Pretty Excited About That)

We started in the restaurant marketing business in 21011 and have helped dozens of restaurants across the US improve their bottom line profits. That’s why, in 2013, we started Bent Oak Tablets, because there is nothing like Tablet Based Menus to impact our customer’s profits positively.

We’ve partnered with the guys over at Menuvative to bring their award wining, easy to use, and hugely successful software to the independent and small chain restaurant owner. (We evaluated a ton of different Tablet Based Menu software before settling on Menuvative, so we don’t take this partnership lightly.)

Simple Is Best

We are big believers in the poser of keeping it simple. Simple and elegant solutions are the best, not matter the business you are in, so our goal is to keep making our solutions, better, simpler and more profitable for you, our customer.

Jeff Bezos (Amazon CEO) is famous for saying “Find the things that won’t change in your business and invest heavily in those things”. So, 10 years from now, what does that look like for us? Well, menus have been around for thousands of years, and we fully expect them to be around long after all of us are gone - and most of them will shortly be presented electronically.

So, we’ll continue to invest in technology and systems to make menus more useful for customers, easy to use and enjoy, and more profitable for our customers.

We Care

Treating people right is fundamental to how we do bueinsss. We treat our customers like we’d want to be treated, we treat each other like family, and we we treat ourselves to a solid day’s work and lots of fun afterwards!

Our goals continue to do be” Have fun, build exceptional products, provide great service, try new things, drive costs out, pay attention to details, focus on how to help our customer’s business, measure the important things, have a positive impact, keep learning, and do good!

At Your Service

If you have a general question for us, just drop us an email at info@bentoaktablets.com, and we’ll get back to you within a day. If you are a customer, and you want to talk to someone in customer service, drop an email to support@bentoaktablets.com, and we’ll get back with you in way less than a day. (If you want live help, call 866.535.8948 Thanks for visiting Bent Oak Tablets!

how we help

We help you all the way through the process of selecting, installing and successfully operating your very own Tablet Based Menu system from Bent Oak Tablets. Nothing is led to chance as we help you select the right number of tablets, input your menu, install your system, train your staff, and make sure you are successful. (We won’t abandon you after the sale.)

What Others Say

Our Difference

Bent Oak Tablets are the only tablets that include software created by real restaurant owners for use in their own restaurants. Our software was designed an developed by Michael Gibbons, owner of 17 restaurants in the Eastern US and the former president of the National Restaurant Association.

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What's Included

When most people think about a TBM (Tablet Based Menu) system, they usually only think about the tablets themselves. However, to have an effective, professional and profitable TBM system, the system needs to completely planned and executed appropriately.

The Menuvative system has been installed successfully on thousands of tablets in North America. So, we know what works and what’s needed.

    Here’s everything you get with your Bent Oak Tablet installation:
  • Android Based Bent Oak Tablets
  • Menuvative Software installed on Your Tablet
  • Pairing Pro Entry (Wine List)
  • Premium Tablet Covers with your full color logo imprinted
  • Premium Wireless Router (High Speed Internet Connection Required)
  • Wood Cabinets for Storing and Charging Your Tablets
  • On-Site Photography of all Menu items (Excluding beverages)
  • Input of Your Existing Menu into The Menuvative System
  • In-Person Installation of your System
  • $150 Travel Cost Analysis
  • Complete Server Training
  • Complete Administrator Training
  • Menuvative Support for the Life of Subscription
  • Three Months Free Splash Page Creation and Menu Analysis ($99 per month addition after 3 months - optional subscription)